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You have, most certainly, run across marketing pages like this before - usually full of testimonials and promises about a product - telling you of all the benefits you will reap with the product - and containing absolutely no useful information or even a glimpse into how the product works - expecting you, in the end, to shell out money and buy the product.

This page is different

In it you will find useful information about researching and trading stocks, while at the same time showing you the incredible benefits of using Stock Calculations to help you in this process.

You may ask,
"Why this approach? Providing something for nothing. Why aren't you just trying to get money?"
A: Because what we are offering is not a gimmick - it is the product of years of work and research. By telling you how and why it works you can see this value. We don't need to sell you promises or hype.

We know that once you see and understand the benefits of Stock Calculations and how it is used, it sells itself.

You will also find that it is not a one dimensional stock picker providing benefits for the few and the quick, but a Versatile & Comprehensive report on thousands of stocks that quickly helps any trader with any method make the Wisest & Most Profitable decisions for their trades.

No more explanations, let's move on to the useful part…

Assuming you are reading this because:
A    You would like to find a path to financial independence and wealth.


B    You want to know how this can be obtained in the stock market.
If you have done any research you are inundated with stories about people who have achieved this goal and like everyone else you want to join their ranks. You find plenty of people telling you how easy it is to do, and no one telling you how it is done.

That ends right now

Here is a simple method to profit from the stock market, not just today, but for every trading day for the rest of your life .

  1. Wake up every morning before the market opens (often the hardest part)
  2. Choose a stock that you think has the potential to make 5% in the next three days
  3. Set your training platform to buy that stock and your price, sell at 5% above this price, and bail out at 5% below
  4. After three days if you still have the stock, sell it and repeat.
That's it.

If you have made perfect choices (where you make 5% each time) this method gains you over 500 percent per year.

Unfortunately, things are never perfect. Some days the market doesn't perform, sometimes it takes longer than 3 days (and sometimes you can make more than 5%...). However, if we make a much more reasonable assumption that you gain, on average, 5% from every three trades or approximately every 2 weeks of trading, you will still be gaining almost 200 percent per year.

This is the road to financial freedom and truly sustainable wealth,

Wow! Isn't that refreshing? What I have just given you is:

  • Not a gimmick
  • Easy to understand
  • Does not promise crazy 1,000 percent gains
  • Not a secret formula
  • Does not sound too good to be true
  • and relies on no one but yourself
Why isn't everyone doing this?

Maybe, the successful traders are…

Here is some more math. What this means is you can
start with $4,000.00 and have $1,000,000.00 in under ten years.

Hopefully, your interest has been peaked. However, the skeptic in you should be saying
"Great idea, but we all know there's a lot more involved in these four simple steps than you just described"

CORRECT - and you can do this work yourself...

HOWEVER, if you would like to eliminate much of the time and effort, while still making informed decisions yourself, Stock Calculations can help.

In a nutshell Stock Calculations provides, in tables and charts, stocks showing potentially profitable behavior.

  • It uses unique calculations, filters, and sorting techniques and evaluates over 8,500 stocks each day.
  • It presents only those which may be of interest.
  • It fills in almost all of the "missing" steps.

With Stock Calculations almost 90% of the work in choosing a stock is done with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

And that's only using Stock Calculations with the method given above. It can be used for much, much more.

Let's say you rely upon a different method to choose stocks or you currently have a portfolio full of stocks.

  • Stock Calculations contains the information to help you find the best time to buy, and to help you decide when to sell.
  • It provides the data that lets you make the most of any and all trading information, no matter what the source.
  • Stock Calculations easily lends itself to a myriad of other methods for success in the market, after all it is only a collection of data carefully put together to help you trade.

You will find that whatever method you choose, Stock Calculations can help.

When you are ready to use this incredibly powerful stock tool
For only $25.00/month you get -
  • 80+ Cross-referenced, Searchable pages
  • 8,500+ stocks evaluated
  • AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ, etc. listed stocks
  • Multiple sorted calculations and charts*
  • All listings include the most relevant values and statistics
  • Multiple easy to follow recommendations to highlight stocks with the most potential (out of stocks already identified as showing profitable behavior)
  • And MUCH, MUCH more - the potential of Stock Calculations is limited only by you
- each and every trading day.

*Calculations are easy to understand, unique to Stock Calculations and and inspired and advised by a PhD. Economist

We, also have 2 easy, free methods for you to preview some of our data before you register...

1) Let us feed you the information...

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The trial will last for 20 trading days it includes:

  • previews of various Stock Calculations tables and charts of the current days data
  • Articles and tips on Stock Calculations data
  • is FREE to sign up as many times as you like

2) As stated before, Stock Calculations provides tables and charts based on the previous day's data.

  • Stock Calculations also archives twenty days of past data.
  • Our subscription area only includes the last seven trading days worth of data.
  • Everything past that time is available for you to peruse and use free of charge.
  • As you go through Stock Calculations remember that data is for that date shown on each table and was posted BEFORE the market opened the next trading day.
  • Even if you'd don't subscribe to Stock Calculations the past data is still full of useful information.

By doing this we are showing you data exactly as it was displayed before the market opened the next day.

You must remember that the data in the tables is there to help you trade the stocks, so it may seem a little dry. HOWEVER, the stocks are there because they have been identified by Stock Calculations as potentially profitable stocks - and that this information, in this simple readable form, does not exist anywhere else.

You are now ready to try it for yourself, so Go to Stock Calculations

  • Read the 'overview' and learn how to navigate the pages
  • If provided, read the 'how to use this table' sections
  • Become familiar with the cross reference and search functions.
In a few minutes time you can learn how to quickly gather tons of information from Stock Calculations. Then you can decide for yourself it's benefits.

If your interest is peaked - but you still want more information

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It's a free and no-risk, no-commitment collection of emails sent directly to you designed to provide useful information on Stock Calculations and stock trading in general.

To conclude, another piece of free advice. A little mantra you may have heard before says:

To consistently obtain quality results...
  • Show up
  • pay attention
  • tell the truth
  • and don't get attached to the outcome
Although it can be generically applied, it's particularly useful in stock trading.
What it basically says is:
  • If you do the work,
  • learn from your mistakes,
  • and act upon the results as they come (not upon your wishes),
the rewards are there for the taking.

The only part missing from the mantra is the truth - and truth can always been found in numbers and calculations.

That's exactly what Stock Calculations provides!