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Stock Calculations was made to present data as quickly and efficiently as possible. All table names and dates which appear for a stock in the cross references or the search are linked to that stock in that table so the user can drill down to the data in that table with 1 click.

Once a user has identified a stock of interest they can find it in the cross reference or search and quickly view all relevant information in Stock Calculations.
Stock Calculations is comprised of 4 to 5 levels of information depending on the calculation viewed:
  1. The selected date of calculations
  2. The Main page for that date showing the different calculations and cross reference
  3. The Theory & Summary page for each calculation
  4. The data tables for the calculation
  5. The charts for the calculations
LEVELS 1 & 2      Main page - Select Date
Stock Calculations Date Menu
Stock Calculations Entry Page
Stock Calculations Search Window
Cross referenced to Tables and Charts
in Levels 4 & 5 for all dates
Opens as pop-up window
LEVEL 3      Theory & Summary Page for all Calculations
3 Indexes 4 Movers 5 Periodic 6 Cross Reference
Stock Calculations Index Page Stock Calculations Movers Page Stock Calculations Peroidic Page Stock Calculations Index Page
Cross referenced to Tables and Charts
in Levels 4 & 5
for the selected date
LEVELS 4 & 5      Data
Tables sorted by ranking calculation Tables sorted by amount
Summaries are sorted by # of occurrences in all tables
Table and Charts - not sorted  

  • Table of Listed Stocks with Market Indexes - Opens sortable table of all stocks reviewed
    • Name
    • Symbol
    • Market
    • Earnings Reports
    • Index
    • Sector
  • Quotes: - View stock data from 3rd parties by symbol - opens in new window
    • Yahoo
    • MSN
    • Google
  • Stock Calculations Referral - Email others about Stock Calculations
  • Contact - Send a note to Stock Calculations administration
  • QA - Extensive Questions & Answers - PLEASE READ
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